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My biography

Cirilo Adriazola Salas was born on 17.09.1953 in Santiago de Chile; he is the fifth

from eight brothers. His parents’ names are Bernardo and Laura.

In 1972 he successfully finished his high school Nr: 24,

located in La Cisternar, Santiago.

In the year 1973 he moved to Germany to study at the

University of Leipzig, and in 1980 he graduated as a

Geography and History teacher. At the same time he was a

guest student in the „Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“ University

to improve his singing technique and theoretical knowledge.

The beginning in Leipzig, the city of Bach, was with a special affection for his

academic and artistic talent. During his long stay there, he received several awards,

especially on an artistic level.

He has travelled in more than 15 countries in Europe and Latin America as composer

and interpreter. Cirilo Adriazola Salas has also directed various Chilean and Latin

American music groups. But one of the more important music groups was “Alerce”,

which integrated Chilean and German artists. Between the time 1980 up to 1987 the

group was strongly influenced by Cirilo´s musical composition. The source of his music

is found from different cultures mostly integrating characteristics from Latin America

and Europe, in this way the music has a universal character.

From 1988 to 1999 Cirilo Adriazola Salas lived in Chile. In his home he took part in the

movement to revive the arts culture. At this stage he is involved in the development

and implementation of several musical projects aimed at social integration of isolated

population groups (youth, children, disabled, indigenous people).

Based on his many years of experience in Chile and Latin America Cirilo has broken

new grounds musically. A clear example of this is his series of songs "solo por amor",

which are located next to ballads and rock songs and compositions, which are

foundations coming from Central American rhythms.

the most important group was "Alerce"
..... and the members of "Alerce" 2014